Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What's cheer me up : Watching Korea Drama (´▽`)-c<ˇεˇ)

When I busy or free, watching korea drama will be my must activity! Idk why I'm too obsess with this sort activity. 

"Ottokacho Ottokacho Ottokacho"

One thing I love to watch korea drama 
Ofcouse get to learn new words and practice with my friends. So funny !! :) 
♥ Here, I wanna share  one word that I love to say..""OPPA""
OPPA, I take this word from You're Beautiful drama. Go Ni Nam will call her boy with this cute word, OPPA Tae kyungggg. Plus, her oppa was so childish and sweet.. 
Awww im in love with Tae Kyung Oppa mehh..

My favourite thing to do at the moment I watch this drama :-
"Muncung 14 Hwang Tae Kyung"


This obsessive-compulsive and dramatic jerk showed me that even the toughest person needs to feel loved. Besides, I usually can relate with this type of characters in some aspects. 
PLUS: His smile is flawless. Im meltingg ohhh !!!:)))

 Whatever it is, everytime I finish a koreadrama, I can't stop dreaming and back to the real life..Thats all about my lovely hobby..Ting Tongg..Kbye Pen off

Mr Bean Car a.k.a Mini Cooper : It is my dream mini !

I  can't help it but says, "Awhh.." whenever I saw Mini Cooper. 
Sheesh, damn cute ☺

Someday! Someday! This is what my future mini cooper will look like..Slammed! 

There are many dream plans that were eternally set in my box of thinking. One of them is to own this freaking adorable mini ! I think I need to make a proper plan to save my budget from now on to help me to reach out this snazzy dream in my life! 

Woow this one is super duper cool right? Dad, I want this !! 
 I feel like I want to grab it right now and never let go this one! I have gotta start looking for money $__$ LOL 
I love red! Im just saying .. I want a free one in shiny red! Means that my dream mini suppose to be red too. Oh I can't imagine how my world will be if I have this one shiny red mini on my front yard ! *facepalm

"Turbo, fast, limited edition" I love everything about you mini! 

Roses are red..
Violets are blue..
Your mini are hot..
And so you are..

I hope this dream came true when I close my eye tonight! Mini, please be mine Zzzzzzzz